A little faith will take you to Heaven,

Full faith will bring Heaven to you.

                                      -Brahmrishi Sri Gurudev.

The celebration of faith, belief, reverence and surrender to a Guru is the day of Guru Poornima - the day to worship and revere the ultimate God in the form of a Guru. A Guru is considered as the embodiment of God himself; he is the one who brings us closer to God and that is the reason for his being worshipped before God. Guru Poornima is the biggest day in our lives as a devotee, wherein we pay our obeisance to our Gurus, who have guided us, blessed us, protected us and loved us unconditionally and unrelentingly inspite of all our shortcomings.

Sri Adi Shankara in his Guru stotram explains:

" Guru is Lord Brahma, Guru is Lord Vishnu, Guru is Lord Shiva,
Guru is directly the supreme spirit. I offer my salutations to my Guru."

Another Sanskrit verse explains:

"Like a blind man, I was lost in the darkness of ignorance and he opened my eyes with the light of knowledge. Salutations to the giver of light in my life."

Tulsidas, Bhakt-Kavi Raskhan, Kabir and others have also extolled the virtues and importance of a Guru in their poems and other literary works.
A very famous poem of Kabir gives an explanation about the place that the Guru has in one's life. It goes on to narrate that both God and Guru are standing before a devotee. The devotee is confused as to whom he should bow to first. God Himself instructs the devotee to offer his salutation to his Guru first as it is only due to the grace and blessings of the Guru that the devotee has realised God. It has also been explained that the devotee was lost in the darkness of ignorance, till the Guru applied the soothing balm of knowledge on his closed eyes. Only then was the darkness of ignorance dispelled from his mind and soul.

Worshipping a Guru is like worshipping truth and knowledge. A Guru has the credentials to impart true knowledge free from speculations. He exemplifies wisdom, peacefulness, self-control, austerity, tolerance and strong faith.

On this auspicious day of Guru Purnima, let us all pray for the blessings of our Gurus, by whose grace the devotees can reach the highest state of wisdom, peace and bliss.

Sri Guru Poornima Mahotsav 2016 will be celebrated in Bangalore on 18th and 19th July 2016 at Tripura Vasini, Gate No.1, Palace Grounds, Bellary Road in the divine presence of Brahmrishi Sri Gurudev. On this auspicious occasion all the Great Guru’s of the world will be remembered and revered.

We invite one and all of you to join us for this grand celebration. Do not miss out this golden chance to pay your respect to your Guru. Do not miss this chance to be a part of history.

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